Meeting the Self

Reflection Cards

50 inspirational cards to support your life’s journey.

(Includes a miniature wrought iron easel for display and guidance booklet.)

The human journey is a quest to know who we really are. To assist this quest, fifty soul–filled potent images of the self are offered to you as a tool for your own deepening and awakening.

“These cards are imbued with Spirit. They work their subtle magic upon us, as day by day we absorb their beauty and soulful essence. I love them.” –– Barbara Marx Hubbard, Author and Futurist

“These powerful images have been crafted in the furnace of the heart. They graphically depict the soul’s deep longing to awaken itself as the true Source of what is. Exquisite and moving. Highly recommended.” –– Chuck Hillig, MFT Author/Publisher/Enlightening Books

“‘Meeting the Self’ reflection cards are a Rorschach test for the soul, a unique tool for meditation as well as for creative inspiration.” –– Catherine Ann Jones, Writer, “Touched by a Angel” series and “The Way of Story” book.

“Illuminating, enlarging, integrating and exquisitely beautiful. This deck is an artistic and psychological masterwork. Each intuitive image evokes an elemental emotional experience, causing an exploration into your innermost being –– a soul–rectifying experience.” –– Peggy La Cerra, Ph.D Evolutionary Neuroscientist and Author, “The Origin of Minds.”